Let it Flow is a



    1 day


    3 hour


    energy shift




    and self-care

    online coaching workshop


    for women of all ages




    unlimited text and email coaching and support

    for 1 year


    If you’ve been wanting to clear your energy blocks


    expand your consciousness


    learn how to shift your energy


    find your purpose


    experience more expansive life fulfillment


    this workshop


    was created




    for you


    You will be guided by

    Certified Reiki Practitioner

    Energy Meditation

    and Life Coach

    Elizabeth Christina Austin



    Elizabeth is the Founder of


    Let it Flow


    and Host of


    Let it Flow Today podcast





    Energy Shift tools



    and Life Coaching


    Elizabeth will help you expand in


    your career




    and business life



    Elizabeth has a unique background drawing from 20 years experience in

    personal development




    life coaching




    Reiki training


    and Buddhist teachings


    in more than 5 countries


    giving you a uniquely holistic coaching experience

  • ★★★★★

    Elizabeth accepts you exactly where you are in your process and gets you moving! She is very intuitive which allows her to quickly tap into what you need to overcome any hurdles standing in your way. Her broad experience allows her to speak from a variety of perspectives and her positive disposition make her a delight to talk to.


    ~Cricket Guyton


    If you found this page it was meant for you to be here! Trust me. I have been working with her for four months and she has helped me stay true to my goals. She has helped me realize that success has many levels even as a start-up. Also, that success doesn't always mean 2 million followers. Elizabeth will push you in many ways, but she will encourage you to step out of your confiding boundaries. She leads you with love and grace. I didn't know I needed that. With Elizabeth, I am growing and realizing that every accomplishment is toward my goal. Pick her you will not regret it.


    ~Myriah Knox


    Elizabeth has been a wonderful coach; attentive, patient, and helpful. She's inspired me since the beginning, understanding my goals and designing the best route to achieve them. She's a very professional and talented coach and I'm sure we'll keep working together for a long time.



  • check-out my

    Let it Flow Today podcast


    Monday - Friday!

    become a part of the listening family

  • I'm so glad you're here!


    There is a reason we are connected.


    I'm very excited to help you expand


    in every area of your life



    I help women get truly aligned in all areas of their life, so they can realize their life purpose,

    gain greater clarity with their personal and professional goals,

    and receive a deeper understanding of what will bring them

    true expansive

    life fulfillment

    on a long-term basis




    Self expansion and energy shifts don't happen over-night


    It takes days of commitment, self-care and self-awareness


    That’s why I created

    the 1 DAY

    3 HOUR



    for you


    It wasn't until I found a guide and coach whom I truly trusted and connected with that I was able to experience real, deep-down

    self expansion of my own.


    I am honored to be your guide

    to coach you at this moment in time to help you expand into the person

    you want to be and whom you know you already are.




    a 3 hour one-on-one online workshop with me


    During your workshop you will receive

    Reiki - energy clearing processes - the main reason you may feel stuck in your business, career or personal lifestyle is because you likely have blocks in your aura and energy system that need to be moved and cleared - before you can truly start to expand in all areas of your life

    I will help you open your energy flow through Reiki.


    Meditation tools - I will give you coaching and meditation guidance you can use on your own to expand in all areas of your life including reducing your daily stress and anxiety,

    getting you into a clear, calm state of mind,

    expanding your self love and helping you break through your own mindset barriers


    Business, Career & Life Coaching - together we will find solutions in your desired areas of focus

    so you can freely expand and flow in every areas of your life

    in your


    in your career

    in your business

    in your self love and self care


    But your self-expansion support doesn't stop here.


    I will be by your side for 1 year giving you unlimited support and coaching via text and email any time you require guidance, understanding and positive support

    and any time you want to celebrate your energy shift successes and self-expansion!


    I will be here, cheering you along, every step of the way

  • a special note

    One of my favorite hobbies is taking long walks outdoors and capturing images of inspiration in nature

    I deeply believe connecting with positive energy outdoors leads to self-expansion, free flowing inner energy,


    creative solutions

    and ultimately

    greater life fulfillment

    the images here are photos I've captured during my own nature walks which is how I usually find my own inner sense of peace, joy and balance


    I took these particular photos with just an iPhone


    I hope you enjoy and I hope they give you a little inspiration and smile during your day today


    With love and gratitude


    A Warm Hello

    Sandhill Cranes Out For A Stroll

    Neighborhood Mr. and Mrs. Mallard

    Deck Visitor

    I'm Here

    Black-eyed Susans


    Garden View

    Flying Solo

    Pretty In Pink

    Happy Return

    Sunny Side Road Side

    Secret Garden

    First Signs

    Garden Joy

    Birchwood Garden Bounty

    Tomatoes, For Days


    Good Morning Door County

    Playing With Shadows

    Palisades Trail

    Sculpture Walk

    Sculpture Walk

    Sculpture Walk

    Sculpture Walk

    Sculpture Walk

    Fall at the Farm

    Just Married

    Kitchen Blooms

    Mirror Lake Park

    Farm Family Campout

    Deck Blooms

    Love Signs

    Rays of Connection

    Beauty and Grace

    Our Path